Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Starting with a Winner

I suppose it's appropriate that the first post on a blog devoted to typewriters is about someone who won one.

The elated winner of this Royal Quiet De Luxe is Deb Wolff (right), who bought her winning raffle ticket at the Hillsdale Benefit Books Sale last month. Actually she bought five $1 tickets among the 93 sold.

The display (seen next to her) at the sale noted that Hemingway had a fondness for this model. The loose connection to "Papa" may have driven interest. (By the way, if you click on the photo, it will be enlarged so you will be able to read the poster's text.)

Raffle proceeds go to the Hillsdale Alliance, a coalition of neighborhood organizations.

An interesting side note: While I was waiting at the Hillsdale Farmers Market for Deb to claim her machine, I had the typewriter and the Hemingway promo sign out on a table. A woman came up to me with a dollar in her hand and said, "I'll buy a raffle ticket." That tells me that I can raffle off more of my 60 plus machines — way too many — at the market.

Proceeds will again go to the Alliance, which I founded and which is raising money to establish a Hillsdale Community Foundation.

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