Saturday, December 1, 2007

Remington Rand #5 offers refuge from computers

Tonight I sold a black, crinkle finish Remington #5 to a young woman who bought it for her boyfriend, a copy writer.

After showing her several other typewriters in my collection, she vowed to return with him in tow. I believe her. She seemed to have the bug.

I've had great success selling on Craig's List to Portland's much touted "young creatives," many of whom seem drawn to typewriters. Tonight's buyer, who works for Nike, said she was drawn to the directness and character of the machines. She said she was weary of computer technology.

Any typewriter collector can relate to what she is saying.


Teri said...

That's why I'm using typewriters these days. I do tech support and am tired beyond belief with computers. It is such a relief to just take out my typewriter, load a page and type. I hope that we are seeing a renaissance for typers.

Anonymous said...

I just found a Remington Rand in my basement and am very excited to use it. It is green and says Remington 5 at the top. However, I'm not entirely sure where to get ribbons for it. Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Rick Seifert said...


It's great you are bringing an old typewriter into your life.

Several places sell typewriter ribbons on line. Search "typewriter ribbons."

If you live in Portland, Ace Typewriter on Lombard has ribbons as does Portland Typewriter just off Barbur Boulevard.