Sunday, March 16, 2008

Exhibit opens at the University of Portland

Today University of Portland photography instructor Pat Bognar and I put up our "A Celebration of the Typewriter" exhibit in the Buckley Gallery on the UP campus. Several photography students helped us. The exhibit includes their portraits of typewriters from my collection. They've done a magnificent job. A few of the photos show typewriter keys in impossible positions — typebars headed for a jam. I shutter at what typewriter users might think seeing these images, but Pat called them "impressionistic" photos.

My photos of the exhibit, which runs through April 10th, gives a good sense of what's on display. Altogether there are nine typewriters. Seven are models associated with famous writers. I've included books by the authors next to the machines. An SG3, like one used by James Michener, is available for use by visitors.

The exhibit follows more modest exhibits at Mt. Hood Community College last summer and at Portland Community College last spring.

I'll let you know reactions to the exhibit. I encourage other collectors to put their machines out there at schools and libraries for the public to appreciate.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful exhibit! Congratulations. --Richard Polt

Strikethru said...

I am *so* sorry I missed this exhibit when I was in Portland.

Just linked to your blog from Strikethru, my typewriter blog, (does that make two of us!)

Look forward to your future posts.

chumly said...

I still love typewriters. Read your other blog; my daughter lives in Jamestown NC. When I visit her I feel the same way you did about how the locals visualize Northeners.

Anonymous said...
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