Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Donor's Second Thoughts

Talk about being conflicted.

In the spirit of helping our community and paring back my typewriter archive, I recently donated this beautiful Corona Silent to a benefit auction.

The auction is a bit of a “do” and has a literary theme. It comes with dinner and speeches by celebrity authors.

The auction’s proceeds go to providing affordable housing to those in need.

Well and good,

Enter the conflict.

I began to get donor’s remorse. I mean, face it, this is one beautiful machine. Just look at it. It’s in great shape. It has classic lines. If I saw it for sale at a reasonable price, I’d pop for it.

Then it occurred to me: It might be for sale for a reasonable price — at the auction.

Why of course! I’ll bid on it.

So I told the folks running the auction that the Corona should have a reserve or floor price that I would pay.


I’m friends with the organizers and they kindly offered to return the Silent in exchange for another less prized typewriter, but I declined.

If someone wants to beat my bid, the typewriter is certain to end up in good hands — for a good cause.

If not, I’m happy to make a donation to a worthy charity and to re-possess a great typewriter.



John Johnston said...

First, I must commend you for donating such a nice typewriter for the auction. Second, I think you did the right thing in suggesting a suitable minimum bid. I hope you win it back, but if not, I hope it finds a good home with someone who will appreciate it.

Monda said...

Donor's Remorse! I don't blame you one bit. I hope you win it, too.