Friday, November 30, 2007

Pearl's Pink Olympia sold

At last some news for this long neglected site. I sold Pearl Rubenstein's pink Olympia SM7 for $75 to a young woman piano tuner.

"This is my dream typewriter," she exuded.

She particularly liked the script typeface and, of course, the nail-polish hue.

Lisa, the late Pearl's daughter and a long-time friend, had asked me to sell the Olympia and an Underwood Quiet deLuxe. The Underwood needs some work, but is cosmetically attractive in turquoise.

The Olympia required some repairs to its plastic faceted script logo, which nearly crumbled to the touch. I managed to glue it back together by pasting it to a black piece of leatherette-textured paper.

Lisa and her husband, Craig, and Diane, my wife and I will treat ourselves to a dinner out with the $75. Pearl would have liked that.

In the meantime, it's great knowing the Olympia is fulfilling a dream.

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